Yes, These Are the Top 5 Hotels in Gokarna

A prominent Hindu religious centre, Gokarna is also a famous tourist destination. Located in Karnataka, it is home to many beaches and holy places that are a major attraction for tourists. Gokarna has a literal meaning- Cow’s ear with so many beliefs linked to it. There is a belief that the name of this place has been given due to its presence at the ear-shaped confluence of Aghanashini and Gangavani Rivers. The cultural and religious importance of this place welcomes thousands of tourists every year owing to the establishment of many Gokarna hotels and resorts.

The town looks stunning with brick laid houses and coconut trees standing proudly. This religious and seaside destination offers good hospitality through its resorts. Here are top 5 Gokarna hotels where you can book a room for your stay:

Namaste Holiday Homes– Enjoying a comfortable position, Namaste Holiday Homes offers stunning seaside views of the Arabian Sea and Kudle Beach to its visitors. The best experience you can get is of enjoying your breakfast in the midst of nature and peace that yoga and chanting spread everywhere. Thai Yoga Massage, Overnight River kayaking, beach volley, yoga, chanting, and Satsang are some of the activities here that you can take part in.

Gokarna International Beach Resort- One of the popular beach resorts in the town, this resort is located near Kudle Beach. With garden and sea facing rooms for your stay, the resort acts as an ideal location for your vacation. The resort also offers a bar, lounge, multi-cuisine with a plethora of culinary delights to savour. Overall satisfaction is synonymous with the quality services of the resort which aims to make your vacation fun, exciting and comfortable.

SwaSwara Resort– SwaSwara Resort as the name suggests is ruled by Ayurveda and Yoga which makes it a prominent resort in the town. Perfection and satisfaction are two words that define the hospitality here. The landscape of the resort resembles a mystical place surrounded by greenery and water. The vibes of this resort calm and refresh every mind and fill the heart with peace, joy and positivity. The aura and vibes of the resort fool people into confusing it with a self-healing ashram. The elegant style and peace here provide beautiful views of clear blue skies and nature. Along with this, you can also enjoy activities like bird watching, nature walk, boat cruises, spa, yoga and meditation centre, and Ayurveda treatments.

Gokarna Forest Resort- Situated in 188-hectare forest land, Gokarna Forest Resort has been designed by the company who designed the popular Gleneagles of Scotland. The forest where the resort is located was used by the Nepali Royal Family for hunting, but now the sounds of gunshots have been taken by the thwack of golf balls. If you are a golf enthusiast, the place is a perfect choice for you as you can enjoy playing golf in the beautiful and calm atmosphere. For visitors, the place is not less than their dreamland that offers all luxuries in the form of luxury spa treatments, guided forest walk, horse riding, mountain biking, swimming pool, and bird watching. You can also conduct corporate meetings in the conference rooms here.

Om Beach Ayurvedic Resort- Om Beach Ayurvedic Resort is considered a perfect resort for your stay owing to its location and facilities. It offers an amazing as well as inspiring beach sanctuary consisting of colonial styled villas. Ayurvedic treatments programs like traditional Indian Panchakarma, Detox courses and much more are offered here. Along with this, you can enjoy surfing, water skiing, jungle treks, luxury spa, boat ride to the deserted island of Paradise, and Yoga and meditation centre.

All these resorts make a perfect destination for your stay when you visit Gokarna. You can book tickets to Gokarna online and enjoy comfortable travelling as well as stay here.


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