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Tips in Choosing the Right Material – Fiberglass or Foam Insulation

You should know that making homes more energy efficient should the goal of every home owner in the world. You need to understand that with a energy efficient home, you can save up from the utility bills. An energy efficient home can help with lowering down the green house gas emission. This means that in your own little way, you are helping the earth battle the effects of climate change.

The best solution for that kind of problem will be some foam insulations, it will be more cost effective in making your energy efficient home a reality. You should know that according to energy star, a home with foam insulation can save up to 15% of cooling and heating cost.

You should make sure that you also have checked the pros of fiberglass before giving foam insulation a unanimous decision.

Take a deeper look at the two popular products and find out the pros and cons of each to establish a trust for one product. Getting to know more about the foam insulation and fiberglass.

Foam insulation adverts a better fit.

You should know that spray foam is the better option for conserving energy at home compared to fiberglass.

The reason why insulation is important because it keeps the house from being cold during winter and it keeps the house cold during summer. You should know that with the right insulation, it can control the heat that gets in and the heat that needs to get out of a building.

You should know that with fiberglass, it works by trapping the air inside its tiny glass fibers. The only issue with fiberglass is that it can be hard to install it.

You have to know that with fiberglass, you have to make sure that the batts are cut in the right size to fit the nook and crannies in your homes walls and attics. You should know that this task can be very labor intensive. Especially when you are the type of home owner that would love to cut cost and try doing the installation by yourself.

It is clear that foam insulation does not have any installation issues but it does have its own cons. You can pretty much spray it in all cracks and cervices.

But spray foam can also affect the health of a person, it can present allergen blocking properties. People could encounter problems in breathing due to an allergic reaction to the spray foam.

With fiberglass, you can save more money since it is more affordable, the only issue is the installation, if you have a professional helping you with it, fiberglass is also a good option for people who would love to save on expenses.


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