The Quickest Way to Increase Muscle Mass in Our Body

Well here is the quickest way to increase muscle mass in our body:

  • Sports Lift weights: weightlifting here can be with your own body weight push up for example or with fitness equipment in the gym. The result is certainly faster in the gym because that can be done by our body is limited. If there is no “challenge” exercise, our muscle mass will not grow. Why? Because our body will think “why should I make muscle mass but not wear?” Combine cardio + weightlifting every week for maximum results in

  • Make sure you have enough protein and calories: Protein is the key to protein development, so make sure your protein needs per day is 1.5 x Weight. For example Men weighing 60 KG requires at least 90 grams of protein. After that make sure your calories are not too low. A diet that is too low in protein can lead to muscle loss! Our body will use muscle due to lack of energy and that’s what muscle loss means!
  • Enough Sleep 7 – 8 hours a day: The muscle develops most when we rest so make sure you get enough sleep. Want to sleep at 2 am no problem is important wake up at 10 am.
  • Have a weight lifting pattern 2 – 3 / week. Muscles develop as they continue to have challenges and are trained. If you do not have exercise then your body will reduce muscle mass in our body because in thought unused!
  • Get stronger! This is the most important key! When we get strong = muscle mass increases. For example you cannot push up, and now you start diligently push up a day 50x and of course there are results. You become more field for example? But until the next month months are not on the level. Yes you have muscle growth so just do not grow bigger. If you increase to 100 x per day of course he can grow again because there are more challenges of course your body must adapt instead.

Simple right? Not supplements A, B or C for muscle raise etc.!

To enlarge the muscle it is simple:

  1. Make sure you challenge and grow stronger every week
  2. A week of exercise at least 2x to maintain the existing muscle mass and develop it as well
  3. Enough nutrition and protein for the muscle can be repaired perfectly
  4. Enough sleep 7 – 8 hours

“Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat”

Whether you are a girl or a guy you have to play a load and surely you will be shocked by how fast your body can transform.

The right sports pattern should have weightlifting every week because that’s what makes your weight stable!

  • The lighter your body weight, then we need fewer calories so that should reduce the portion of our food.
  • The lighter our body weight, our metabolism will decrease.
  • Therefore for those of you who never diet certainly not long to weight up again? Why? Because the portion of your meal back to normal?! When the weight is light then your portion should be reduced. In addition, metabolism has decreased?
  • Now the increased muscle mass due to weight play will stabilize this all, muscle mass will increase your caloric needs, because you have muscle to eat your body need higher nutrition. In addition, your metabolism is so high! Make the workout plan correct or use a professional if you do not understand. If you just want to be the same even though you know his theory at this time.



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