The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Voicemails

Benefits of Having Free Voicemail Service for Your Company

Communicating with your clients effectively is one of the essential ways in running your business. Companies nowadays have employed the use of toll-free numbers to improve on communication.

What is Toll-Free Voicemail?

This is a type of voicemail which works the same as toll-free numbers, meaning thereby that no charges are accrued as a result of leaving a message. This is critical since one who typically pays long distance rates to render a message frequently feel as though the company does not care about their best interests. Although this service could be bought as a standalone alternative, it is best utilised in conjunction with other features and services that are usually offered by virtual phone service providers. This service’s price will fluctuate based on the size of the voicemail inbox alongside other features.

Multiple Retrieval Methods

Toll-free voicemail can be recovered in different ways. Of course, most people will choose to retrieve their messages the old-fashioned way by calling their extension number and entering their code. Besides that, staff can also check their messages through email, and this also allows one to prioritize and organize the voicemails better. Another way is using Internet-based voicemail whereby, one can be able to retrieve these messages anywhere as long as there is internet connectivity. No software has to be installed, and messages can be read from a computer, notebook, tablet or a cell phone.

Filtering Options

People who work in busy environments are usually called many times in a day and are left with countless messages in their voicemails. Responding to these messages can be a daunting task to these individuals. However there are amazing alternatives out there. These voicemails may be filtered according to their level of importance before the staff or employer gets to listen to them, hence allowing them to respond to the most critical calls first.

A Partner for Call Screening

Free voicemail is undeniably the best attribute to use together with screening and other features that are supplied by cell phone system suppliers. For example, when a company owner is on the telephone with a client, and a phone from one of their vendors comes through, they can screen this call and direct it to voicemail as opposed to just rejecting it or allowing another employee to answer the call. With this, the employer or his staff for that matter can go back to this call later and listen to the message and can either decide to call or ignore by just a click on the keyboard of your PC.

Firms which desire to get ahead of their competitors need to make sure that they give the best customer support and include communications. Free voicemail enables callers to leave free messages making it much easier for business owners to prioritise their phone calls.

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