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Get These Video Shooting Tips

In the past, bulky video equipment were used to make a video until now when there are several equipment that will give you beautiful videos on top of using your cell phone.

Here are some of video shooting tips that you need and will make you produce great videos.

The number one thing you must remember when shooting a video is to have a stable ground for your equipment while your hands are doing other adjustments and so on. Considering you are using a cell phone to make your video, the two stability devices that will stabilize what you are doing are a tripod or a glide cam.

Video shooting under stationary or studio condition will only need a tripod with a griptight amount, costing for around $50 and you get a good quality tripod already. However, if there is movement in your video and you are using a cell phone, you can get a glide cam that is weighted and balanced, that will constant use, you will get a smooth and stable footage even when running with it. If your footage is from a moving vehicle or in an environment with people moving, you would need a glide cam. You will get excellent shots with a glide cam that will cost you around $200 or more.

Some cell phones have crummy microphones, and so if you are recording conversations or sounds, you have to get yourself a real microphone to do the job right. Some microphones are expensive, but there are other brands that are affordable and still can create great recordings.

When you record video in your cell phone, you would need to store the sound and thus another device is needed like another cell phone or a recording device, plus a software to edit the sound later.

It is also advisable to test your sound before you make the shoot, and there are several sound apps to help you in your recording to make it sound like a professional.

Another thing that you need when shooting video is light and you can either have the free natural light or spend for a good amount of equipment to help you with your lighting. Learning how to make use of natural light for your photo and video shoot should be your number one knowledge in photography, thus you should know by now that your subjects will look best in natural light.

Getting the right angle when video shooting is another pointer when you conduct video shooting, and this is a tough thing to do unless you have a reflective surface to avoid deep shadows, or else you will have to frame your subject and get them looking directly at the sun.

Note that among the things that will make your video awesome is animation. An animated video production will make your page lively and your videos pop.


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