I Am Excited to Take Better Care of Myself

When I went to the doctor about three months ago, he told me I needed to make some major changes if I did not want to risk becoming a diabetic. There were other health issues at stake also, like my high cholesterol, and it was enough to scare me into action. I had no idea how to begin, and he said eat less, exercise more. Well, that seemed simple enough! I knew I needed to be held accountable throughout this change, which is why I purchased the Renpho Bluetooth body fat scale.

I had no idea which scale to buy because I had not owned a scale in my entire life. That is how much I just did not focus on my health. I knew I had gained a few pounds here and there when I had to go out and buy new jeans in a new size, but I never really gave it much thought. As soon as my doctor told me my future was going to be filled with medications and failing health, I got serious. He is actually the one who recommended the scale to me.

I always thought scales just showed the amount of pounds that were weighing a person down. I should have known in today’s technological times, these scales can do much more. It can do body weight, but it also measures body mass index, body fat, water weight, bone mass, and so much more. It comes with a free app that displays all of this information and helps a person to really know the things that will help to get them in better shape if they take it serious. I step on it twice a week, and those numbers were enough to get me moving. I have lost 18 pounds so far, but that is just the beginning. I am actually excited about taking care of myself now.


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