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The Importance of Blaze Orange Hunting Clothes

Many hunters are angry and confused with the fact that it is now legalized to wear blaze orange camouflage when hunting as they think that this is a very big disadvantage because wearing orange will make them visible to the deer or the animals making it harder for them to hunt. The reason behind this is actually supported by a study at university of georgia In which it has been proven that there is actually cannot see the colour orange the way humans see as it appears to them as brown or grey and the purpose behind this collar is to protect the hunter’s from other hunters Especially accidents during hunting.

If you want your safety during hunting then it is best to wear this type of camouflage and also for legality sake as at least 40 states in america have legislated that hunter should wear at least some blaze orange in there clothing article to decrease shooting accidents during hunting.

Many alarming cases of hunting shooting accidents occur and with such recent.

First is when the victim is unintentionally shot because he was mistaken as a game target. A Further situation it’s when the hunter did not recognise that he actually shut another hunter because he didn’t see it. finally this results when The gun is not carefully handled.

You may argue that not all shooting accidents are vision related but demographics has proven that 50% of them are related to vision. States that have been strictly mandating lays orange camouflage on the hunters has seen a sharp decrease of vision related shooting accidents which only proves the effectivity of such clothing. Why not any other colour? as you may ask this is because orange has a higher visibility among other colours especially in very long distances.

Hunters who only hunt deer elk and booze benefits with this camouflage as these animals can only see colours blue green and grey and not wavelengths of red which includes orange. Which can also be simply explained with color blind humans.

This is bad however for hunters of turkey and waterfall as these animals have very good eyesight and they can see orange very well. But do not be too worried since the states that have mandated wearing blaze orange hunter camo also do not prohibit wearing it for this type of hunting.

The colour orange is also need to protect your gear. Hunters will still need to have an effective form of protection for their hunting equipment away from harmful elements. many hunters up for this type of protection as it is very easy and affordable.

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