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Why Bongs are in Great Use Today The term bong is used to refer to a smoking water container that is mainly used in all smoking substances by drug smoker today. Bong is made on air and water cartel that has a stem and an apparatus constructed on a bowl to control the movement of air down to the water level. The size of the bong is relatively small and light thus ensuring ease of its portability. Also, the vessel has got a hole in the mounted bowl that is used for allowing fresh breathing air during the smoking period. Due to this feature, bong has been widely employed in many countries today. The components that constitute in the making of the bong are the tobacco container that has a lid, a water pipe and a small pipe rack. in the small frame pipe, holes should be drilled for use by the water pipe and the tobacco jar. A bowl stem, water container, and a tube are the material that should be considered in the water vessel. All the three key elements constitute to the bong substance. The key elements below show why there is broad use of the bong substance in most countries. Using bong substance make people more comfortable when smoking. Using bong ensures that there no irritations unlike when smoking without the cartels. Disease that is caused by the bacteria through smoking directly are prevented by the use of warm water that is in the pipe thus ensuring the safety of the smoker. Therefore, proper use of this substance enables reduction diseases that are related to the effects of smoking substances. There is need to, therefore, put more emphasis on the use of the bong vessel to all the smoker.
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The cartels have made many people be addicts of the smoking substances. Research has shown that using of bong substance has attracted many people to the world of the smoking zone. water pipe has been seen as a proper and more comfortable means for the new faces to work and enjoy smoking. The evidence is that using of water pipes has got little or no irritation that makes the newcomers enjoy.
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Reduction of the surrounding chemical is assuring through use of the water pipe substances. It is not simple for the chemical to penetrate through the bong vessel since the pipes are inlets and outlets holes for regulating the coming of the fresh air for smoking. As a result, contaminated air is high prevented in the bong pipe thus a safe way of smoking. Therefore, promote the utilization of the water pipe method.


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