When I went to the doctor about three months ago, he told me I needed to make some major changes if I did not want to risk becoming a diabetic. There were other health issues at stake also, like my high cholesterol, and it was enough to scare me into action. I had no idea how to begin, and he said eat less, exercise more. Well, that seemed simple enough! I knew I needed to be held accountable throughout this change, which is why I purchased the Renpho Bluetooth body fat scale.

I had no idea which scale to buy because I had not owned a scale in my entire life. That is how much I just did not focus on my health. I knew I had gained a few pounds here and there when I had to go out and buy new jeans in a new size, but I

A prominent Hindu religious centre, Gokarna is also a famous tourist destination. Located in Karnataka, it is home to many beaches and holy places that are a major attraction for tourists. Gokarna has a literal meaning- Cow’s ear with so many beliefs linked to it. There is a belief that the name of this place has been given due to its presence at the ear-shaped confluence of Aghanashini and Gangavani Rivers. The cultural and religious importance of this place welcomes thousands of tourists every year owing to the establishment of many Gokarna hotels and resorts.

The town looks stunning with brick laid houses and coconut trees standing proudly. This religious and seaside destination offers good hospitality through its resorts. Here are top 5 Gokarna hotels where you can book a room for your stay:

Namaste Holiday Homes– Enjoying a comfortable position, Namaste Holiday Homes offers stunning seaside views of

Most people have finally jumped on the healthy living bandwagon and it is a positive thing for the future of our society. The poor habits ingrained in most American people are being looked upon as something that needs to be changed. Education is the best way to enlighten people about habits that may be harmful for their health, because it is impossible to make good choices if you are not even aware that the choices you are making are bad. Even after you are educated on the benefits of taking care of your health and wellbeing, and how to do it, there is the added challenge of being able to afford the food and or supplement you may need to live your best you. As a freelance writer, I struggle with making a consistent income and often cannot afford the luxury of buying organic food, or natural products. Lucky for