A prominent Hindu religious centre, Gokarna is also a famous tourist destination. Located in Karnataka, it is home to many beaches and holy places that are a major attraction for tourists. Gokarna has a literal meaning- Cow’s ear with so many beliefs linked to it. There is a belief that the name of this place has been given due to its presence at the ear-shaped confluence of Aghanashini and Gangavani Rivers. The cultural and religious importance of this place welcomes thousands of tourists every year owing to the establishment of many Gokarna hotels and resorts.

The town looks stunning with brick laid houses and coconut trees standing proudly. This religious and seaside destination offers good hospitality through its resorts. Here are top 5 Gokarna hotels where you can book a room for your stay:


Namaste Holiday Homes– Enjoying a comfortable position, Namaste Holiday Homes offers stunning seaside views