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Reasons Why Vape is Much More Cooler than Cigarette

The dangers of smoking become so widespread that almost everyone knows about it and governments have added taxes as well as printed some warnings on the containers to prevent or to warn the smokers from further jeopardizing their health. One should not generalize things and say that smokers want to destroy their health or that they’re simply bullheaded, but it should also be considered that cigarette has nicotine and nicotine is a very addictive substance which makes it very hard for smokers to stop. In the light of the recent creation of e-cigarettes also known as vapes, former cigarette smokers Have now shifted to this new option which is nicotine free thus allowing them to adjust their lifestyle and make improvements for their health.

Vapes actually have a lot of reasons why it is much more cooler than cigarettes.

No Traces of Nicotine Withdrawal

Nicotine withdrawal happens if you suddenly stop cigarette smoking and it results to unpleasant symptoms including dizziness, sweating, irritability and nausea there are even those who undergo worse such as getting hallucinations. You may i ask what does vaping have to do with this, it’s pretty simple, vaping allows you to use juice or e- liquids That have nicotine and allow you to closely lower your intake to avoid having the withdrawal symptoms.

Vaping is Lit AF

Vapes are fun as it allows you to do a lot of things with the smoke, because you can choose different levels of smoke intake thus it never bores you out. If smoking is hardwired into your daily activity then switching to vaping will make it less harder for you to quit cigarette smoking.

The Flexible Options that Comes with Vaping
Cigarettes have a boring list of choices which only comprised of regular and menthol the other flavours are too costly and it even compromise your health. E-cigarettes on the other hand Offer a wide variety of flavours that you will love including the latest hemp vape.

Because Health.. Duh?
Vape is here because of its main noble purpose: To improve the health of the smokers and stop them from destroying their lungs and their bodies with cigarette smoking. According to a recent study it has been found out that the smokers who have chose vaping as an alternative to cigarette smoking have lower health risks As compared to those who haven’t.
So if you’re still cigarette smoking now then you should make this very important decision or switching to vaping as it obviously does good for you Additionally it offers alternative For certain conditions such as Pain relief and lowering the anxiety without having to harm your health as a payment.


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